Ivan Rose Jewelry 

There really isn't much to my story other than I simply love jewelry and feel that it's the best way to create your own style. Custom, one of a kind jewelry is how I showed others that I was an individual, that I had my own opinions and tastes. I didn't want to be like everyone else, it's one thing to have to shop at the same clothing stores but I didn't want to wear the same accessories.

When my husband & I travel I make a point of buying a piece of jewelry that I knew no one else would have. One day when we were at a farmer market in Tofino, I bought a simple bracelet that was made by a 12-year-old girl. She was so proud of her bracelets which made me appreciate it that much more and that is how it all started. I finally realized that there were many women that felt the same way as I did, we loved jewelry but were tired of wearing the same thing as hundreds of other women. I started to make it for myself and after many requests for custom pieces decided to sell it.

My goal is to sell beautiful jewelry and at affordable prices. We are all individuals and different from each other, so why wear the identical jewelry as hundreds of other women! Be free, express yourself.

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